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We understand architecture as a constellation system which is shaped by the distinct relationships between chunks of information.
Every piece of data establishes its own intensity and brightness within each project, creating a particular and unique constellation. Social, historical, environmental and health issues, are all organized across the human scale -movement, texture and body- defining each specific project.


At BAILORULL every project is an opportunity to discover something new. We are always open to hearing what each client thinks and imagines. Our architecture is fundamentally created for human beings. We don’t understand architecture as the design of simple isolated objects, nor are our projects designed simply according to their exterior appearance. We understand architecture as an integrated fusion between interior and exterior space.

Our aim is to design spaces that support human behavior.


Our firm grew from a relationship between two partners. We see our work as a playful game of sharing ideas and efforts. We truly believe in generosity and optimism as the keys to accomplishing strong results.

We think it is impossible to achieve good architecture without having a generous attitude.


We understand architecture as being deeply linked to the context. We learnt from Manuel de Solà Morales how architecture should embody a city’s roots. Solà Morales shows us how to enjoy the texture, the material condition, the small scale as well as the urban pleasure of the city. We conceive our projects as pieces of the urban environment. We design, on all occasions, architecture and public space as a whole unique entity. We like complex sites, we enjoy solving challenging programs .

We always work as “first man or second man” (Edmund Bacon), listening carefully to the context.


Our aim is to pursue beauty. Our work lacks meaning unless we experience the pleasure of discovering beauty. Indeed, we search for the beauty hidden within the small scale, the ordinary, or even surrounded by pure and crude reality.

Our work only makes sense if we can gently contact and embrace beauty.


Every project with its own specific client, context and program is an opportunity to define new rules within a unique game. Therefore, as we ascertain the conditions of each commission, we set the parameters needed to allow the project to grow. Once decided, we work rigorously to produce, and constantly evaluate, the various results. The geometry is never fixed before the process begins; accordingly, the resulting form is the consequence of each particular project. Our work is always open to analysis and further discussion in order to include any additional or unexpected requirements.


We conceive and naturally integrate environmental solutions into all of our work as we believe good design is the best way to accurately address the most critical environmental issues. Likewise, for every project, we consider each particular climatic condition in order to establish the optimal passive solution. Architecture and Urbanism need to respond to visible and pressing changes already occurring in our climate.


We design non-muscular architecture to define atmospheres. We believe architecture’s power of transformation is not simply due to its massive weight; Sites are also characterized by the environmental conditions in which they are placed.

Through non-muscular architecture we are able to create a space with a unique atmosphere suited to each individual person.


We expect the quality of the space to be responsible for changing human behavior. In our projects, we design healthy spaces to live in, places where people will enjoy their daily lives.


Our projects are directly linked with our research work; fortunately, to be an architect is a never-ending process of learning. Like curious explorers, we keep evolving our work through continuous investigation and inquiry.

We think excellent architecture results from the blending of practice, teaching and research.

We believe in Transparent Time (Aldo Van Eyck) and so every project is designed to catalyze the context and time in order to create new unseen futures.



  • Julià Garcia Ferrando. M.Architect
  • Laura Gelman. M.Architect
  • Guim Melcion Grad Student
  • Jordi Perramon. M.Architect
  • Josep Puigdemont. M.Architect
  • Carlos Rocha. M.Architect
  • Anna Ramos. Adminsitration
  • Joana Servera Grad Student
  • Martin Sunjic. M.Architect